Rapide Cello Workshop - String Learning Method

Rapide Cello Workshop

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For your 5, 6, or year 7 cello class or more advanced beginner student, Rapide Cello Workshop combines the best of Cello Workshop Books 1 and 2 - strength, skills, knowledge.

Based on SingleStringLearning (the strength of the Workshop books), the Rapide series is more demanding of your students while still assisting with the solid development of strength and understanding in both hands.

Popular simple melodies in their minor and major form together with pieces in D and G major plus E minor will expand your student's skill set quickly.

Specific compositions, tone development, bowing styles, ensemble playing in 2 or 3 parts (some with a percussive 2nd part), tapes for accurate finger placement, opportunities for improvisation and composition, worksheets, 'Trace and Copy' requirements plus audio download will ensure that your students develop essential skills in their first year of playing.