String Learning Method /Workshop Book Comments

29 Feb 2016 - Daniel from Leichardt NSW Australia

'Thank you so much! Books have arrived and I love them!!'

23 Aug 2015 - Daniel from Brisbane QLD Australia

 'I have been trying out your books with a private student who is at the appropriate level.  I am finding it works really well the way you have juxtaposed 2nd and 3rd fingers/major-minor, and also introducing all four strings early on but only playing on one string at a time. I also like that you vary the articulations and dynamics.  I have not tried out the audio yet, but should do that.  It's good to know that Simply for Strings has copies of the books.'

29 April 2015 - Shanthi from Melbourne Australia

'I checked out your books at Bows for Strings. They are excellent and very well planned. 

I will have the other string staff at the school check them out to see if they would like to use them in the program. I think they are also excellent for beginners who don’t start in the Yr 2 group program.' 

23 April 2015 - Joanne from Melbourne Australia

Minor/major, rhythms with words not dry theory! Dynamics, italian terms, tone production, articulation ie. tunes, fun, clever diagrams,colourful, easy to understand for parents and students too &..stickers...everything kids get off on.etc.etc! Very impressed! Congratulations to Lisa and all involved!! You mentioned a recording with it?